Team Eastmen Chemicals

Eastmen Chemicals – the chemical manufacturing company that you'll love to do business with. We take our client's success seriously.

"Dream is not what you see in sleep , dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep."
The well said quote of Mr. Abul Kalam has been embedded in Eastmen Chemicals culture. Our strong and stable management team contributes to company's manifold success.

Manjula Shah

Dr. Mrs Manjula Shah

Managing Director

Dr. Shah has been with Eastmen Chemicals since its inception. She brings more than 40 years of leadership in the chemical industry to her position as Managing Director (MD) of Eastmen Chemicals. As a MD she oversees Eastmen Chemicals business operations, health management and human resources.

Roma Shah

Mrs. Roma Shah
BE (Chem. Eng.)

Chief Executive Officer

Roma joined Eastmen Chemicals at a young age of 20 in 1995 and has been behind the companies phenomenal success over the years. As Chief Exective Office (CEO), Ms. Roma heads the technical and R&D team and develops cost effective solutions for Eastmen Chemicals customers.

Bijal Kamdar

Mrs. Bijal Kamdar
BE, Masters (Electronics Engineering) – USA

Global Business Development

In her current role, Ms. Bijal is responsible for global business development. Ms. Bijal joined Eastmen Chemicals in 2012 as the Director for Global Business Development. She is a very passionate individual and focuses on new strategic initiatives and partnerships.

jaideep Shah

Mr. Jaideep Shah
BE (Chem. Eng.), Masters (Engg. Management) – USA

Director - Marketing Operations and CRM

Mr. Jaideep has been working with Eastmen Chemicals since the year 2000 and handles the global marketing and customer relations. He has leadership roles in global sales, marketing, client management and product management.

Komal Doshi

Mrs. Komal Doshi
BE, Masters (Biomedical Engineering) - USA

Director - Sales

Ms. Komal has been with Eastmen Chemicals since 2005 and heads the global sales operations. She serves on the management board and her responsibilities include overseeing financial reporting, planning and budgeting for Eastmen Chemicals.