Health and Safety Measures

Yearly health check camp for all staff & employees of Eastmen Chemicals

We firmly believe that our people are the most valuable asset we have and hence we strongly focus on their health and safety. We organize health checkups, training programs and safety awareness campaigns at regular intervals and make sure a safe and secure working environment for everyone. Our management team personally engages in these initiatives. We are proud to share that we have ZERO incident or injury at our plant till date.

The significance of Safety & Health in Chemical Industries has been a vital issue in achieving productivity and an edge in the competitive world.

All the process plants at Eastmen Chemicals have been designed by consultants and contractors of international repute. Safety and reliability have been the principal criteria in evaluation of the technologies for the various plants. The success of these measures reflects in the amazing track record of not having occurred even a single accident or human casualty ever.

Primary Objective - Health and Safety of Our People and Mankind
Preventive, Contributive and Continual Safety Culture at Work
In house Pollution Treatment for the Environment

Ten Steps to Chemical Safety

  1. 1 Personal Responsibility
  2. 2 MSDS
  3. 3 Process Safety Information
  4. 4 Supervisor Questioning
  5. 5 Emergency Knowledge
  1. 6 Good Hygiene & Housekeeping
  2. 7 Electrical Know How
  3. 8 Mechanical Integrity Corrosion
  4. 9 Shift Work Alert
  5. 10 Plant Security

Safety solutions for our workplace

Safety Helmets

high Visibility Clothing or Vest

Foot Protection

Dust Mask

Hand Protection


Protective Clothing

Face Shield

Hearing Protection

Breathing Apparatus

Safety Harness

Safety Glasses

Safety Awareness Program

Safety Awareness Program
Safety Awareness Program
Safety Awareness Program

Fire training, August 2022

Fire training, November 2018