Green Energy

We believe that it is our foremost responsibility to preserve our environment and have implemented a number of measures in that direction. We use energy efficient equipment at our plant. Also regular energy audits ensure further energy conservation.

EASTMEN CHEMICALS has an in-house facility to treat effluent and is also a member of common effluent treatment plant in the industrial area. We are currently working towards incorporating more green solutions by use of solar and renewable energy.

Prevent pollution related to our activities and products, impacting the environment
Minimize all wastes and conserve natural resources
Comply with all relevant environmental legislations and regulations and other requirement

Fuel usage training August 2022

Safety and equipment vendors are regularly invited at our plant for energy audits and training the team on optimisation and safety aspects.

Fuel usage training

We have pledged to have 30% of our energy requirements fulfilled by natural gas and have partnered with leading industry players. With this we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and further contribute to our sustainability goals.

Environment Conservation

Reverse Osmosis plant

We have state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis (RO-plant) & Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) processes for our ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant).

We recirculate water for various plant processes & operations and minimize the discharge.